FREEDOM HOUSE M.B.T.C. does not receive any governmental or denominational funding. We are totally dependent upon God to move upon the hearts of people to supply our needs, either as individuals or as church groups. Our needs include basically anything it takes to run a large household (food, finances, cleaning supplies, etc.) None of our staff are paid, although they may receive any funds donated specifically for them by name or ‘for staff’.

Any financial support goes directly into the running of the ministry, helping us to pay our bills, keep our vehicles running and make needed repairs around the property.  We do not charge for any of our services and our staff are full time volunteers.  

Please keep this ministry in your prayers. The greatest thing you can do for us is pray for us.

We also accept donations of any kind.  We basically need any items necessary to run a large household (cleaning supplies, paper goods, food etc.) We can also accept any clothing, furniture or household items.  If we cannot put them to use around our house, we can put them in our monthly yard sale to help generate more financial support.

Ways you can donate:

-Hit the DONATE button to pledge financial support or send to P.O. Box 221 Holcomb, MO 63852

-Drop off your used items that we could use or put in our yard sales

-Check out our list of current needs in our NEWSLETTER and drop them off anytime.

-You can also visit our GIFT REGISTRY on the Walmart website. You can CLICK on the link below, browse all of our needs, and have them delivered to the house. The needs are updated monthly.


- Or visit our Amazon Wish List for a quick and easy way to buy items that are needed at any given time. Click the link below to view: